It has taken Suzie Warhurst 25 years of industry experience to earn the tag "Make-up Artist to the Stars".

Starting her career on The Sullivans in the 80's, the looks she created for the 'Period' of this show were invaluable. This followed with shows like Carson's Law, movies like Hammers over the Anvil with Charlotte Rampling, to being responsible for the image of young Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan in Neighbours. Suzie was recently interviewed by Australian Story (ABC) about Jason Donovan's look now, compared to that back in the days of Neighbours. She said "yes, you can blame me for Jason's blonde mullet!". How can we forget Charlene and Jason's Neighbours Wedding.

It doesn't stop there. Other credits Suzie has under her belt are working with Jeremy Irons, who requested her services in Sydney for a publicity event after working with her on the set of Australia. Joan Chen (Twin Peaks) for the filming of Cyber Wars, Gary McDonald on Struck by Lightening.....

We could go on and on about the "who's who" under Suzie's make-up brush, but everyone you meet that has had the opportunity to work with Suzie Warhurst loves her energy, her 'knack' of making people feel special and look beautiful.....this is why she is the
Make-up Artist to the Stars.

FEATURES: Broken Hill, Beautiful, Savager's Crossing, Spike Up, Nijinsky, Innocence, Australia, Struck by Lightening, Black & White, Noah's Ark, Cyber Wars, Tempe Tip, Selkie.

TV: McLeod's Daughters (Supervisor - Series 1-7), Dog Woman, The Sullivans, Carson's Law, Neighbours.

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